Using your HSA/FSA

(1) Take this survey to see if you qualify.


(2) If qualified, you'll receive a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) from a medical provider. The cost for this medical evaluation is $30, which you can pay with your HSA/FSA card at the end of survey.


(3) With the LMN, you are able to make future payments with your HSA card. We'll also send instructions to pay with your regular credit card and manually reimburse (for customers with an FSA or who don't have an HSA card).



Why is Peloton eligible?

Peloton, a revolutionary fitness platform, offers an innovative solution for those battling or at risk of chronic conditions. By providing easy access to engaging, high-intensity workouts from the comfort of home, Peloton empowers individuals to take control of their health journey. The variety of classes, ranging from heart-pumping cycling sessions to soothing yoga flows, caters to every fitness level and preference. This accessibility is crucial for managing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, as regular exercise is a key factor in prevention and reversal. The interactive nature of Peloton’s platform, with live classes and a supportive community, ensures that users stay motivated and accountable, turning fitness into a sustainable, enjoyable part of their daily routine.


Is Peloton Eligible for HSA/FSA Spending? 

Peloton bikes can be eligible for HSA/FSA spending if accompanied by a Letter of Medical Necessity from a healthcare provider. This letter must detail how the Peloton bike is medically necessary for treating or preventing a specific health condition. Without this documentation, Peloton bikes do not automatically qualify as an eligible expense for HSA/FSA reimbursement.​


Is Peloton Medicine? 

Peloton's interactive fitness equipment and classes offer a comprehensive way to engage in regular physical activity, which is key to preventing or reversing certain diseases. Regular use of Peloton can improve cardiovascular health, aid in diabetes management, combat obesity, enhance mental health, and bolster musculoskeletal health. It also potentially lowers the risk of certain cancers. Engaging in a variety of Peloton workouts ensures a balanced approach to fitness, benefiting from cardiovascular exercises, strength training, yoga, and more. The Peloton community further supports motivation and adherence to a consistent exercise regimen. However, it's advised for individuals with existing health conditions to consult a healthcare provider before starting any new exercise program to ensure it's safe and suitable for their specific needs. This approach ensures the safety and effectiveness of the exercise regimen in achieving health benefits.




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