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Why is Equip eligible?

Equip Foods stands out in the supplement industry by prioritizing real, whole foods in its products. By avoiding the use of chemicals, fillers, and artificial flavors commonly found in many supplements, Equip Foods ensures that their products are genuinely health-promoting. Their blends are made from carefully sourced, real-food ingredients such as grass-fed beef and sweet potatoes, and are third-party tested for quality. This approach to supplement formulation aligns with the growing understanding that natural, whole foods are essential for maintaining and improving health​​.


The key distinction of Equip Foods lies in its commitment to natural, pure ingredients. In contrast to many supplements that contain unnecessary additives, Equip Foods offers products free from junk, filler, and artificial flavors. This not only ensures a higher quality product but also supports the body's nutritional needs more effectively. By being manufactured in the USA and undergoing rigorous testing, Equip Foods guarantees a high standard of quality and safety​​.


For individuals seeking to enhance their nutrition, particularly those looking to reverse or prevent chronic diseases, Equip Foods offers a reliable alternative. Their doctor-developed blends focus on providing essential nutrients without superfluous ingredients, offering a more natural way to supplement the diet. This approach is especially beneficial for those looking to manage conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, where nutrition plays a crucial role​​.


For those paying with Truemed, purchasing Equip Foods products can be more cost-effective. Qualified customers can reimburse their membership with HSA/FSA dollars, leading to an average saving of 30%. This makes investing in high-quality, real-food supplements more accessible, especially for those using HSA/FSA accounts to manage their health and prevent chronic diseases.



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