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Empowering Bodies Wellness

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Why is Empowering Bodies Wellness eligible?

Empowering Bodies Wellness offers a comprehensive approach to reversing and preventing chronic conditions through personalized training, performance-driven brain training, fascial stretch therapy, and craniosacral therapy. Their personalized training programs are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client, helping to build strength, improve mobility, and enhance overall fitness. By focusing on individual capabilities and health status, these programs not only address existing conditions but also work proactively to prevent future health issues.


Performance-driven brain training at Empowering Bodies Wellness aims to optimize cognitive function and mental resilience. This innovative approach enhances brain health through targeted exercises and strategies designed to improve memory, focus, and overall mental performance. By integrating brain training into its holistic health programs, Empowering Bodies Wellness addresses both physical and mental aspects of health, offering a comprehensive solution for preventing chronic conditions such as dementia and cognitive decline.


Fascial stretch therapy and craniosacral therapy are integral parts of Empowering Bodies Wellness's offerings. Fascial stretch therapy improves flexibility, reduces pain, and enhances athletic performance by targeting the body's connective tissue. Craniosacral therapy, on the other hand, focuses on the central nervous system, reducing stress, and alleviating pain. These therapies work synergistically to support overall health and prevent chronic conditions by enhancing the body's natural healing processes and maintaining optimal physical function.


Thanks to their partnership with Truemed, qualified customers can save on Empowering Bodies Wellness services by purchasing with HSA/FSA funds. This partnership ensures that clients can access these valuable health services without financial strain. With a Letter of Medical Necessity, customers can use their pre-tax health savings accounts to cover the costs, making it easier to invest in their health and prevent chronic conditions through Empowering Bodies Wellness's comprehensive care.



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