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Our mission is to make true medicine affordable

95% of all medical costs occur after we are sick. This is so normalized, most don’t realize how unnecessary it is. True medicine is the antidote. Exercise and supplements are sometimes the best medicines to prevent and reverse the specific conditions plaguing American life. In some circumstances, they can count for HSA/FSA spending.

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Chronic disease prevention doesn’t come from a prescription pad, a doctor’s office, or a surgeon’s scalpel. We need to incentivize true medicine that prevents and reverses the chronic conditions that plague the US today.


Together, we can be healthy

To fix healthcare, we need to spend less money on pharmaceuticals and procedures, and more money on exercise, supplements, and lifestyle interventions that heal and keep people healthy.


150 minutes of exercise each week is more effective than SSRIs in lowering depression.


Lack of sleep is now labeled as a carcinogen.


Vitamin D supplementation has been shown to lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune issues.

Cold Plunges and Sauna

4 to 7 sauna visits per week are associated with a 40 percent reduction in risk in all-cause mortality.

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largest killers of Americans are directly tied to food and other lifestyle factors as the root cause

Today, 98% of all healthcare spend goes towards treatment, not prevention. Americans will be healthier if we can incentivize better lifestyle choices, before people get sick.

To address the chronic conditions that more than 90% of Americans face, we need to start viewing exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle interventions as forms of medicine. This approach is essential because conventional drugs and medical treatments often fail to provide a cure for these conditions.

There are thousands of peer-reviewed studies that show exercise, supplements, sleep, and other interventions can reverse or prevent virtually every chronic condition - ranging from diabetes to infertility, from depression to obesity. Often, these interventions are better than leading pharmaceuticals or medical procedures.

In some cases, consumers can use exercise and supplements to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent chronic disease. That’s why we started Truemed.


We have firsthand experience

We know firsthand how broken the incentives are in our current healthcare systems. Together, we’re working to fix the broken incentives in our environment that create sickness instead of health.

Headshot of Justin Mares

Justin Mares

Founder of leading health brands Kettle & Fire, Perfect Keto, and Surely. He is on a mission to make health accessible and sustainable, and create a food system that heals rather than harms.

Headshot of Calley Means

Calley Means

Since losing his mom to pancreatic cancer in 2022, he has been obsessed with understanding the root cause of our metabolic disease crisis.

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