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Gawa Fit

Using your HSA/FSA

  • If you are purchasing a new subscription: pay as your normally would and fill out this survey to qualify for HSA/FSA reimbursement.


  • If you have a current subscription: fill out this survey to qualify for HSA/FSA reimbursement on future orders.

Why is Gawa Fit eligible?

Gawa Fit is revolutionizing fitness with personalized training plans that focus on reversing and preventing chronic conditions. By utilizing advanced fitness, Gawa Fit provides users with tailored workout routines designed to address specific health concerns such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity. Regular engagement with Gawa Fit's programs can lead to significant improvements in metabolic health, reduced inflammation, and enhanced cardiovascular function, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their long-term health outcomes.


In addition to its personalized workout plans, Gawa Fit offers comprehensive support through expert coaching and a vibrant community. This holistic approach ensures users stay motivated and on track with their health goals. The coaches are well-versed in managing chronic conditions and provide ongoing guidance to help users navigate their fitness journeys effectively. By fostering a supportive environment, Gawa Fit empowers individuals to take control of their health, reduce their dependence on medication, and potentially reverse the progression of chronic illnesses.


Gawa Fit's integration of technology and expert guidance doesn't stop at workouts. The platform also offers nutritional advice and mental health support, both crucial components in managing and preventing chronic conditions. By addressing the root causes of health issues, Gawa Fit helps users make sustainable lifestyle changes that lead to improved physical health and enhanced quality of life. This comprehensive approach ensures that users not only achieve their fitness goals but also maintain their health improvements over time.


Qualified customers can save on Gawa Fit by purchasing with HSA/FSA funds, thanks to a partnership with Truemed. This collaboration allows users to leverage their health savings accounts to invest in Gawa Fit's programs, making them more accessible and affordable. To take advantage of this benefit, customers may need a Letter of Medical Necessity, which can be obtained from a licensed provider. This document verifies that the fitness program is a necessary treatment for a specific medical condition, ensuring that users can seamlessly integrate Gawa Fit into their health management plan while enjoying significant savings.




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