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Muscle Up Mommy

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Why is Muscle Up Mommy eligible?

Muscle Up Mommy offers a range of products specifically designed to support moms through the postpartum period and beyond. Their signature item, the Postpartum Compression Belt, provides crucial support for the back and core muscles, helping to alleviate discomfort and promote healing after childbirth. This belt is particularly beneficial for reducing the pains associated with laughing, coughing, and sneezing during the recovery phase. The Muscle Up Mommy® FupaEraser further aids in the postpartum journey by assisting in workouts to reduce belly and back fat, making it an essential tool for moms aiming to regain their pre-pregnancy body shape.


In addition to the compression belt, Muscle Up Mommy provides various safety products, like Anti-Loss Wristlets. These wristlets are designed to keep young children safe during outings by preventing them from wandering off. They feature a unique lock and key mechanism that makes it difficult for kids to remove, thereby providing peace of mind to parents in crowded or potentially dangerous situations. This practical and innovative product ensures that moms can focus on their tasks without constantly worrying about their children's whereabouts.


Muscle Up Mommy also partners with Truemed to offer savings on their products through HSA/FSA funds. Qualified customers can use their health savings or flexible spending accounts to purchase items like the Postpartum Compression Belt and other supportive gear, making these essential postpartum products more accessible. This partnership highlights Muscle Up Mommy's commitment to providing affordable and effective solutions for postpartum recovery and child safety, ensuring that every mom can benefit from their specialized products



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