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Why is PhysioBoard eligible?

PhysioBoard offers an innovative solution to manage and reverse chronic conditions through safe and effective exercises performed right on your bed. By providing a stable and comfortable platform, it allows users to engage in low-impact workouts that enhance flexibility, strength, and overall mobility. This makes it especially beneficial for those dealing with conditions like arthritis, chronic pain, and post-surgery recovery, where maintaining regular physical activity is crucial for long-term health outcomes.


The unique design of the PhysioBoard ensures that users can perform a variety of exercises without the risk of injury associated with traditional floor-based routines. It supports therapeutic exercises that are gentle on joints and muscles, promoting better circulation and reducing stiffness. Regular use of the PhysioBoard can lead to improved posture, balance, and core strength, all of which are vital in preventing the progression of chronic conditions and enhancing overall quality of life.


In addition to its health benefits, PhysioBoard is now more accessible to qualified customers thanks to a partnership with Truemed. Through this collaboration, customers with a Letter of Medical Necessity can use their HSA/FSA funds to purchase PhysioBoard, making it an affordable and practical investment in their long-term health. This partnership not only makes it easier for individuals to manage their chronic conditions but also ensures that they can do so in a cost-effective manner.



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