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Why is PURE PHYSIQUE eligible?

PURE PHYSIQUE offers a unique approach to fitness that can significantly impact the management and prevention of chronic conditions. Their programs, designed for busy individuals, emphasize time-efficient fitness, with workouts never exceeding 30 minutes. This methodology aligns with the understanding that the positive changes from exercise occur during recovery, not necessarily during the exercise itself. By ensuring adequate recovery time, PURE PHYSIQUE helps its clients avoid overtraining and maximize the health benefits of their workouts​​​​.


The fitness regime at PURE PHYSIQUE is built around resistance exercise, nutrition, mindset, and accountability. Resistance training is crucial as it has been shown to provide numerous health benefits, such as improved strength, better control of blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes, reduced pain, and enhanced mood and quality of life for individuals with chronic conditions like arthritis​​​​. Additionally, PURE PHYSIQUE's focus on nutrition and mindset coaching further supports overall health and well-being, essential factors in managing and preventing chronic conditions.


Moreover, the partnership between PURE PHYSIQUE and Truemed introduces an attractive financial benefit for qualified customers. Those who purchase PURE PHYSIQUE programs with HSA/FSA funds can experience the dual advantage of investing in their health while making the most of their health savings accounts. This partnership not only makes fitness more accessible but also underscores the recognized health benefits of PURE PHYSIQUE's fitness programs. Therefore, customers can view this as an investment not only in their physical fitness but also in their long-term health management and disease prevention strategies.



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