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Noble Origins

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Why is Noble Origins eligible?

Noble Origins offers a unique approach to nutrition with its nose-to-tail beef protein powder. Their product emphasizes the nutritional richness of organ meats, known as some of the most nutrient-dense sources available. Utilizing an innovative freeze-drying technique, Noble Origins ensures the preservation of vital nutrients in their products. This approach caters to the modern dietary need for high-quality protein, providing 21g of beef protein per scoop. Additionally, the inclusion of colostrum in their formula brings high levels of antibodies, growth factors, and immune-regulating substances, supporting immune function, gut health, and tissue repair​​.


The versatility of Noble Origins' product allows it to be consumed either as a supplement or integrated into recipes, offering the benefits of whole food-sourced nutrition in a convenient form. This flexibility makes it a practical choice for those seeking to enhance their diet with high-quality animal-based protein and the nutritional benefits of organ meats. The product's focus on nutrient density and the preservation of natural nutrients aligns with the increasing awareness of the importance of whole foods in a healthy diet.


For customers using Truemed, purchasing Noble Origins products can be more affordable. Eligible purchases can be reimbursed with HSA/FSA dollars, leading to potential savings of around 30%. This makes Noble Origins' nutrient-rich beef protein products more accessible, especially for those using HSA/FSA accounts to manage their health and wellness needs.


Healthy Food

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