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Using your HSA/FSA

‍If you are purchasing a single order: check out as a guest (not Shop Pay) and choose Truemed as the payment option [Note: You must select the Truemed payment option to maintain compliance with HSA/FSA spending. If appropriate, a licensed provider will issue a required Letter of Medical Necessity after payment].


Why is Celluma eligible?

Celluma offers advanced LED light therapy devices designed to reverse or prevent chronic conditions by promoting cellular health. Utilizing specific wavelengths of light, Celluma's technology penetrates deep into tissues, enhancing cellular repair and reducing inflammation. This can lead to improvements in conditions such as arthritis, muscle and joint pain, and even skin issues like acne and wrinkles. By stimulating the body's natural healing processes, Celluma provides a non-invasive and drug-free alternative for managing chronic ailments.


Celluma's versatility is evident in its range of products, tailored to various therapeutic needs. Their devices are FDA-cleared for multiple indications, ensuring safety and efficacy. The flexible and shape-conforming design allows for targeted treatment of different body areas, maximizing therapeutic benefits. Users have reported significant pain relief, improved mobility, and faster recovery times, making Celluma a valuable tool for both clinical settings and home use.


Moreover, Celluma devices support preventative health measures. Regular use can help maintain optimal cellular function, reducing the risk of developing chronic conditions. This proactive approach is especially beneficial for individuals with a predisposition to certain health issues, providing a non-invasive method to enhance overall well-being. By integrating Celluma into daily health routines, users can potentially delay or prevent the onset of various chronic conditions.


Qualified customers can now save on Celluma devices by utilizing HSA/FSA funds through a partnership with Truemed. Truemed connects customers with licensed providers who can assess medical necessity, enabling the use of pre-tax dollars for Celluma purchases. This partnership ensures that customers can access advanced LED therapy while making the most of their health savings, offering a cost-effective solution for managing and preventing chronic health issues.


Health Tech

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