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Heat Healer

Using your HSA/FSA

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Why is Heat Healer eligible?

Heat Healer offers a revolutionary solution for managing chronic conditions through its innovative heat therapy device. By harnessing the power of targeted heat therapy, Heat Healer provides effective relief for a variety of ailments, from muscle pain to arthritis and beyond. Its advanced technology delivers consistent and soothing heat to the affected area, promoting blood circulation and reducing inflammation. This not only alleviates symptoms but also aids in the healing process, making it a valuable tool in the fight against chronic conditions.


What sets Heat Healer apart is its versatility and convenience. The device is designed to be portable and easy to use, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of heat therapy wherever they go. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, Heat Healer provides on-demand relief, making it an essential companion for those managing chronic conditions. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort during use, and its adjustable settings allow for personalized therapy sessions tailored to individual needs.


For qualified customers looking to invest in their health and well-being, Heat Healer offers a unique opportunity to save on out-of-pocket expenses. Through its partnership with Truemed, Heat Healer is eligible for purchase with HSA/FSA funds, allowing customers to use pre-tax dollars to cover the cost of the device. This not only makes Heat Healer more affordable but also underscores its status as a medically recognized tool for managing chronic conditions.


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