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Why is Rubi Lumi eligible?

Welcome to the world of RUBI LUMI, where sophistication meets wellness in a sleek and compact design. RUBI LUMI is not just a red light therapy device; it's an industry leader in harnessing the power of six RED/INFRARED wavelengths for optimal healing, backed by rigorous scientific research.


At RUBI LUMI, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge technology with unmatched performance. Our device boasts industry-leading irradiance, ensuring maximum effectiveness in every session. With a carefully crafted combination of wavelengths and LED distribution, RUBI LUMI offers a potent blend of healing properties designed to address a wide range of wellness needs.


But RUBI LUMI isn't just about raw power—it's also about intuitive functionality. Say goodbye to complicated controls with our device's intuitive voice and touch controls, making each session effortless and enjoyable. Whether you're looking to enhance fitness, promote muscle recovery, or simply relax and rejuvenate, RUBI LUMI has you covered with its seven pre-set performance modes.


With a commitment to excellence, RUBI LUMI is your trusted companion on your wellness journey. From its wide 30-degree beam angle to its included accessories for added convenience, RUBI LUMI sets the standard for excellence in red light therapy.

Experience the difference with RUBI LUMI—where wellness meets elegance, and healing is just a session away.


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