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Why is Daye eligible?

Daye offers innovative solutions to help reverse or prevent chronic conditions through its range of gynecological products. By incorporating natural, sustainable materials and clinically validated ingredients, Daye's products are designed to address common menstrual and vaginal health issues, which can be underlying factors in chronic conditions. The use of CBD tampons, for example, not only alleviates pain but also reduces inflammation, a key component in managing and preventing long-term health problems.


Moreover, Daye's focus on maintaining a balanced vaginal microbiome can play a significant role in preventing chronic conditions. The imbalance in the vaginal microbiome has been linked to several health issues, including recurrent infections and inflammatory diseases. By providing products that support a healthy microbiome, Daye helps users maintain their overall health, potentially reducing the risk of developing chronic conditions related to bacterial imbalances.


Additionally, Daye's commitment to research and innovation ensures that its products are both effective and safe, supporting long-term health benefits. By continuously improving its product line based on scientific evidence and user feedback, Daye aims to address not just immediate symptoms but also the underlying causes of chronic health issues. This proactive approach helps in the early prevention of conditions that could otherwise lead to more severe health problems over time.


Qualified customers can save on Daye products by utilizing their HSA/FSA funds through a partnership with Truemed. This collaboration allows eligible customers to purchase Daye’s products as medical expenses when supported by a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN). An independent licensed provider assesses each customer's needs and issues an LMN, enabling the use of pre-tax dollars for these health-related purchases. This not only makes Daye's products more affordable but also emphasizes their role in managing and preventing chronic health conditions.



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