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Healix Infrared

Using your HSA/FSA

If you are purchasing a single order: check out as a guest (not Shop Pay) and choose Truemed as the payment option [Note: You must select the Truemed payment option to maintain compliance with HSA/FSA spending. We will provide a required Letter of Medical Necessity after payment).


Why is Healix Infrared eligible?

Healix Infrared offers cutting-edge wellness technology that aims to supercharge the body's natural systems, aiding in healing, detoxification, improved sleep, and overall enhanced quality of life. Their products, including the HEALiX Sauna Blanket, incorporate infrared, red light, and PEMF technologies to facilitate cellular level healing and rejuvenation. Regular use of these products can be particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic conditions, providing a non-invasive and natural way to alleviate symptoms and improve well-being.


Healix Infrared has partnered with Truemed, allowing qualified customers to save on their purchases by using HSA/FSA funds. This partnership makes it easier and more affordable for individuals to access Healix Infrared's advanced wellness solutions, contributing to their journey towards better health and wellness. By leveraging this opportunity, customers can invest in their health with the added financial benefit provided through this collaboration.


Health Tech

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