The 10 Best Supplements for Men in 2024


Justin Mares

Published Date:

January 31, 2024


Many men are taking their health into their own hands. They’re making better choices about the foods they eat, incorporating more exercise into their daily routines, practicing excellent sleep hygiene, and drinking plenty of water. 

The old adage is true: you are what you eat, and no amount of positive lifestyle changes can outrun a poor diet or improper nutrition. The health benefits of supplements can help to round out your nutritional intake for the day. Nothing works better for meeting your nutritional needs than eating a healthy diet packed with whole foods, but sometimes supplements help. These are the best supplements for men to support overall health and 

1. Multivitamin Supplements

There are 13 vitamins essential for human health, and each plays a different role in protecting the human body. Vitamin C works to support skin health and build a strong immune system, and B vitamins fulfill numerous roles, from energy production to neurological health, for example.

Most people get enough essential micronutrients through their regular balanced diet, but if you’re unable to, a multivitamin supplement can work to fill nutritional gaps. Multivitamin supplements can be valuable to anyone with a restricted diet, food allergies, intolerances, or picky eating habits.

2. Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements

Bone loss is a normal part of aging. While severe bone density loss is more likely in women than men, men aren’t invulnerable to normal density changes that occur with age. As men age, their bodies may begin to absorb calcium from their bones and leave bones weaker or brittle. 

Calcium helps the body to fortify the phones, while vitamin D3 helps the body to absorb and better utilize calcium. The two work together to build and support bone health. You can utilize a separate vitamin D supplement, but most calcium supplements already include a sufficient amount of vitamin D.

3. Fish Oil or Omega-3 Supplements

Healthy fats like those found in fish oil nutritional supplements or omega-3 supplement capsules have numerous benefits for brain health and cardiovascular health. Healthy fats provide a readily usable source of energy for important systems of the body while working to promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients. 

Omega-3 supplements may work to support heart health by helping the body to maintain healthy blood pressure. Watching your cholesterol, getting plenty of exercise, and utilizing health supplements like omega-3 fatty acids may work in conjunction to protect your heart.

4. Vitamin A Supplements

Free radicals and pollutants damage healthy cells throughout the body, and antioxidants act as a self-sacrificing shield to protect healthy cells from damage. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that works to reduce oxidative stress. Vitamin A dietary supplements may be a valuable solution for people who aren’t getting enough vitamin A in their regular diet. 

5. Vitamin B12 Supplements

Testosterone levels can vary throughout the seasons of life. As testosterone levels naturally decline with age, many men feel as though they don’t have as much energy as they used to. Fatigue can make it difficult to work, exercise, and spend time with the people you care about. Vitamin B12 supplements can be a valuable solution.

The body uses vitamin B12 to create healthy red blood cells that supply the body with energy. If you’re ever feeling sluggish in a way that a good night’s sleep and a cup of coffee can’t fix, it’s possible that vitamin B12 may be the answer to increasing your energy levels.

6. Glucosamine and Chondroitin 

As cartilage wears away, it’s normal to experience joint discomfort. Glucosamine and chondroitin work together to slow or prevent the loss of cartilage that pads joints. The sooner you start taking glucosamine and chondroitin, the better they’ll be able to work to protect your joint health. Taking the two supplements together consistently for a period of several years shows that they successfully protect joints from wear and tear. 

7. Saw Palmetto

Prostate health is an important aspect of men’s health, and saw palmetto may be a valuable tool. Saw palmetto is one of the best supplements for men because of the unique way it interacts with the male reproductive system.

Saw palmetto supplements may be used to treat benign enlargement of the prostate gland, which is somewhat normal with age. Saw palmetto may be valuable for sexual health, urinary tract health, and overall wellness. If you have an enlarged prostate gland, ask your healthcare provider about incorporating saw palmetto into your routine. 

8. Creatine and Amino Acids

Men who spend a lot of time at the gym trying to build lean muscles may experience muscle fatigue after workouts. The human body needs things like creatine and amino acids to facilitate muscle recovery.

Some protein powder products are fortified with creatine and amino acid (both whey and plant-based varieties), but it’s often more convenient to opt for powdered supplements that you can add to your workout water bottle. 

9. Potassium and Magnesium

Potassium and magnesium are essential electrolytes that help the heart function. They work to strengthen muscles and balance the levels of water in the body, which may work to prevent dehydration and support muscular health. You can take both essential nutrients separately, but the two work in unison to support your overall well-being. You’re most likely to experience meaningful benefits when you choose a supplement formulation that contains both. 

10. Probiotics

Probiotic supplements work to create a balance of healthy gut flora. Men with digestive issues or tummy troubles may benefit from the addition of a live probiotic supplement to their daily routines. It can take several weeks for the benefits of probiotic supplements to become apparent. When the benefits become noticeable, men are more likely to experience greater digestive regularity.

Always Check for Interactions

Some supplements are known to interact with each other or change the way the body utilizes certain medications. If you’re already receiving treatment for a diagnosed health condition, double-check with your doctor before you add any supplements into the mix.

Things like multivitamin supplements are almost always safe, but supplements like saw palmetto may interact with drugs used to treat prostate conditions and certain blood thinners. Use caution and follow your doctor’s advice before changing, modifying, or adding to an existing treatment program. Your doctor has your best interest in mind. 

If you believe that a supplement you’re taking may be causing digestive upset or other side effects, stop using the supplement. Side effects will go away on their own.

Can You Buy Supplements With HSA/FSA Funds?

Despite the fact that many supplements work to promote, support, or preserve overall health, HSA/FSA rules don’t view supplements as medicine. There may be an exception in the form of a Letter of Medical Necessity. 

A Letter of Medical Necessity is a note your doctor writes that details how you’re experiencing a condition that could be improved by the use of a particular vitamin or supplement. This letter serves as an official exception to the rule, allowing you to purchase supplements recommended by your doctor with HSA/FSA funds. 

You can skip the wait for an appointment by utilizing Truemed’s easy medical evaluation process. A quick survey evaluation will determine your eligibility for using your HSA/FSA funds to purchase supplements, and if granted, a healthcare provider can supply you with the Letter of Medical Necessity you need to complete the transaction. 

Where To Buy Supplements Using Your HSA/FSA

Truemed partners with dozens of top-tier supplement brands to make purchasing supplements with HSA/FSA funds easier. You don’t need to purchase supplements with your personal money and reimburse yourself from your HSA/FSA account. You can use the debit card linked directly to your account to make any eligible purchase. 

Shop Truemed integrated retailers for a quick, easy, secure way to buy supplements with HSA/FSA funds. 

You’re In Control of Your Own Health

Supplements may be the perfect addition to your wellness routine. Some supplements act as preventive care, reducing your chances of developing certain health conditions by giving your body the things it needs to fulfill its natural functions. Speak to your doctor about integrating supplements into your daily routine before changing your regimen. 

If your doctor gives you the green light, Truemed is here to make it easy (and affordable) to purchase the supplements you need and take control of your own wellness.


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