Using your HSA/FSA

(1) Take this survey to see if you qualify.


(2) If qualified, you'll receive a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) from a licensed provider. This evaluation costs $30.


(3) With the LMN, you are able to reimburse your membership payments (paid for with your regular credit card) with HSA/FSA dollars. We will send you instructions to manually reimburse.

Why is Barry's eligible?

Barry's offers a transformative fitness experience that goes beyond the ordinary workout. With a focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training, Barry's sessions are designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, build muscle, and address underlying health issues. Regular participation in Barry's classes can contribute significantly to the prevention and reversal of chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. The combination of cardio and strength training, along with expert guidance from Barry's instructors, provides a holistic approach to health and fitness that supports long-term well-being.


Incorporating Barry's into a regular routine can lead to substantial health benefits. The intensity of the workouts stimulates metabolism, helping to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. This, in turn, can improve insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation, and lower the risk of developing metabolic syndrome.


Barry's commitment to accessibility extends to its partnership with Truemed, allowing qualified customers to use their HSA/FSA funds to cover the costs of Barry's classes. Through this partnership, individuals can save on their fitness expenses while investing in their health. The process is made easy with the inclusion of a Letter of Medical Necessities, which verifies the medical need for Barry's classes, making them eligible for HSA/FSA reimbursement. This partnership demonstrates Barry's dedication to making health and fitness achievable for everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances.


Take this $15 survey evaluation to see if you qualify.



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