DoubleUP Roller

DoubleUP Roller

Using your HSA/FSA

If you are purchasing a single order: check out as a guest (not Shop Pay) and choose Truemed as the payment option and enter your HSA/FSA card [Note: You must select the Truemed payment option. If appropriate, a licensed provider will issue a required Letter of Medical Necessity after payment].



If you are purchasing a subscription: fill out this survey to qualify for reimbursement on future orders.

Why is DoubleUP Roller eligible?

The DoubleUp Roller is an innovative tool designed to provide effortless muscle relief, potentially aiding in the prevention and reversal of certain chronic diseases. Its unique design allows for easy use while standing or sitting, making it accessible for people with limited mobility or discomfort when using traditional floor-based foam rollers. The ease of use encourages regular muscle therapy, which is essential in managing conditions like chronic muscle tension and pain​​.


The DoubleUp Roller's distinctive metal frame amplifies applied force by three times, allowing for deep muscle treatment with minimal effort. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited strength or those who require deep tissue manipulation to alleviate symptoms associated with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or myofascial pain syndrome​​. Additionally, its dual rollers offer faster and more effective treatment by applying pressure from both sides of the muscle, effectively reducing the time needed for muscle therapy​​.


Moreover, the DoubleUp Roller offers extensive body coverage, capable of treating areas that are typically difficult to reach with conventional foam rollers, such as the biceps, triceps, traps, and forearms. This comprehensive approach can be crucial in managing conditions like repetitive strain injuries or arthritis. Users can customize their experience with various roller options, from soft/gentle to firm/textured, to suit individual needs and preferences. The available kits - Recovery, Therapy, and Performance - cater to different levels of muscle therapy requirements​​​​​​​​​​.


Purchasing DoubleUp Roller products with Truemed can be more affordable, as qualified customers can reimburse their membership with HSA/FSA dollars. This leads to an average saving of 30%, making this muscle therapy tool more accessible to those who can benefit from its use in managing or preventing chronic diseases.



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