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Why is Kabata eligible?

Kabata offers a revolutionary approach to strength training with its AI-powered dumbbells. These advanced dumbbells automatically adjust weights from 5 to 60 pounds in 5-pound increments, making it easy to progress safely. Kabata’s AI-driven coaching provides real-time form correction and personalized workout recommendations based on metrics such as rep count, velocity, and time under tension. This ensures that users can achieve their fitness goals efficiently, whether it's muscle gain, weight loss, or improving overall strength.


Kabata’s velocity-based training (VBT) technology helps users prevent overexertion and injuries by analyzing the speed of reps to determine the optimal weight adjustments. The built-in sensors and AI technology offer detailed analytics and personalized training plans, allowing users to make continuous progress and avoid common pitfalls in traditional strength training routines. This combination of intelligent features makes Kabata an excellent tool for managing and reversing chronic conditions like arthritis and obesity, by promoting consistent and safe physical activity.


The Kabata app enhances the workout experience by tracking advanced metrics and offering real-time feedback. Users can access tailored coaching sessions, ensuring they perform exercises correctly and effectively. This personalized approach to strength training helps users develop better exercise habits, ultimately aiding in the prevention of chronic conditions related to sedentary lifestyles and poor fitness practices. By integrating cutting-edge technology with practical fitness solutions, Kabata is transforming the way people approach their health and fitness goals.


Qualified customers can take advantage of Kabata through HSA/FSA funds, thanks to its partnership with Truemed. This collaboration allows users to save on their purchases, making advanced fitness technology more accessible. By using HSA/FSA funds, customers can invest in their health with Kabata's innovative products while enjoying financial benefits.



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