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Why is Obshay eligible?

Obshay offers a unique approach to wellness and fitness through its artfully designed hand weights that double as decorative sculptures. These weights are not only aesthetically pleasing, blending seamlessly with various interior styles, but they also encourage health and fitness by being readily accessible for strength training micro workouts throughout the day. Made from premium recycled iron coated in silky-soft silicone, Obshay weights are gentle on surfaces and easy to handle. They come in various weights and finishes, including 4 and 7 lbs options in faux White or Black Marble, ensuring that each piece is unique yet harmonizes well with any setting. By integrating these weights into daily life, users can effortlessly incorporate physical activity into their routines, which is beneficial for reversing or preventing chronic conditions by promoting regular exercise and muscle strengthening.


As for customers looking to enhance their wellness journey, they can use HSA/FSA funds to purchase an Eight Sleep with TrueMed. This investment aligns well with an overarching commitment to health and wellness, as regular exercise with products like Obshay weights, combined with quality sleep solutions like Eight Sleep, can significantly contribute to managing and preventing chronic health conditions. These products offer a holistic approach to wellness, addressing both physical activity and rest, which are critical components of a healthy lifestyle.



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