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Why is StreetStrider eligible?

StreetStrider offers an innovative approach to exercise that combines the best aspects of running, cycling, and elliptical training. This full-body workout machine provides a low-impact, high-intensity cardiovascular workout that engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Regular use of the StreetStrider can help improve cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility, all of which are essential for preventing chronic conditions. By promoting efficient calorie burning and enhancing aerobic capacity, StreetStrider helps users maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of chronic health issues.


For those managing chronic conditions, StreetStrider can be an effective tool in reversing their progression. The elliptical motion reduces joint stress, making it an ideal exercise option for individuals with arthritis or joint pain. The consistent, smooth movement helps improve joint mobility and reduce inflammation, which can lead to significant pain relief and increased functionality. Additionally, the cardiovascular benefits of regular StreetStrider use can help manage blood pressure and cholesterol levels, key factors in controlling conditions such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia.


StreetStrider also supports mental health, which is closely linked to chronic physical conditions. Its outdoor versatility allows users to enjoy fresh air and natural surroundings, contributing to improved mood and reduced stress levels. Regular physical activity is known to release endorphins and other neurotransmitters that can alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. By integrating StreetStrider into their routine, users can experience both physical and mental health improvements, creating a holistic approach to managing and preventing chronic conditions.


Thanks to the partnership with Truemed, qualified customers can save on their StreetStrider purchase by utilizing HSA/FSA funds. This collaboration ensures that StreetStrider qualifies as a health expense, making it accessible and affordable for more people. By using pre-tax dollars from HSA/FSA accounts, customers can reduce their out-of-pocket costs while investing in a powerful tool for their health. This financial benefit makes it easier for individuals to take proactive steps in managing and preventing chronic conditions, leveraging the innovative design and health benefits of StreetStrider.



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