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Using your HSA/FSA

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Why is Chroma eligible?

Chroma is innovating the health space by harnessing the therapeutic potential of light. Their suite of light therapy devices targets an array of wellness objectives, offering a holistic approach to managing modern health challenges.


The Lux Vital, Ironforge, D-Light, Promethean Portal, Purple Wand, and Chromatorch 2.0, among other products, are meticulously designed to provide a consistent source of natural sunlight's benefits. These benefits encompass enhancing cellular health, optimizing sleep patterns, managing pain and inflammation, regulating circadian rhythms, and supporting mental and physical vitality.


By utilizing Chroma's light therapy devices, individuals can directly address various health concerns, including anxiety, acne, autoimmune diseases, depression, arthritis, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, hypertension, migraines, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and preventing the onset of these conditions.


The carefully crafted products by Chroma offer benefits such as improved cognitive function, enhanced mood, strengthened pelvic muscles, accelerated post-pregnancy recovery, reduced neurodegeneration symptoms, improved bone strength, and promotion of hair growth.


Qualified customers can leverage HSA/FSA funds to invest in Chroma's light therapy devices, thanks to the partnership with Truemed. By utilizing these funds, individuals can effectively manage their healthcare budgets while investing in solutions that directly contribute to the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of various diseases and conditions, all through the therapeutic power of light.


Health Tech

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