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Using your HSA/FSA

‍If you are purchasing a single order: check out as a guest (not Shop Pay) and choose Truemed as the payment option [Note: You must select the Truemed payment option to maintain compliance with HSA/FSA spending. If appropriate, a licensed provider will issue a required Letter of Medical Necessity after payment].


Why is Lumebox eligible?

Lumebox specializes in portable Red Light Therapy (RLT) devices. Their flagship product, the LUMEBOX 2.0, accompanied by the LUMEBOX Stand, offers cutting-edge features tailored for effective and convenient treatment at home.


The LUMEBOX 2.0 device's third-party lab testing guarantees safety and high irradiance, while the device's capability to emit red and near-infrared light concurrently provides a myriad of health benefits. These benefits include pain relief, improved blood flow, reduced inflammation, enhanced skin appearance, boosted collagen production, and support for mood regulation and energy levels.


The therapeutic advantages of Lumebox's red light therapy devices extend to a wide range of health concerns, including insulin resistance, anxiety, acne, autoimmune diseases, depression, heart disease, obesity, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, migraines, postpartum depression, type 2 diabetes, sleep disorders, and chronic pain.


Qualified customers can save on their purchase by using HSA/FSA funds, thanks to Lumebox's partnership with TrueMed. By utilizing these funds, customers can effectively manage their healthcare budgets while investing in solutions that contribute to the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of certain diseases through the power of red light therapy.


Health Tech

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