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Using your HSA/FSA

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Why is MiHigh eligible?

MiHigh offers an innovative solution for reversing or preventing chronic conditions through the use of their infrared sauna blankets. These blankets use far-infrared technology, which penetrates deep into the body to promote detoxification, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation. Regular use of MiHigh's sauna blankets can help alleviate symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular issues, and chronic fatigue by boosting the body’s natural healing processes.


Additionally, MiHigh's sauna blankets are designed to enhance overall wellness by supporting the immune system and aiding in muscle recovery. The infrared heat can increase the production of white blood cells, strengthening the immune response to infections and illnesses. For those suffering from chronic pain or muscle soreness, the deep heat therapy provided by MiHigh helps relax muscles, reduce stiffness, and enhance flexibility, making it an effective tool for managing conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic back pain.


MiHigh also addresses mental health aspects associated with chronic conditions. The infrared sauna blankets promote relaxation and stress reduction by stimulating the release of endorphins and reducing cortisol levels. This can lead to improved sleep quality and reduced anxiety, which are crucial for individuals managing chronic stress-related conditions. By integrating MiHigh into a daily wellness routine, users can experience holistic benefits that contribute to long-term health and resilience against chronic diseases.


Qualified customers can now save on MiHigh products by purchasing with HSA/FSA funds, thanks to a partnership with Truemed. This collaboration allows customers to use their health savings accounts or flexible spending accounts to invest in MiHigh's therapeutic infrared sauna blankets. By leveraging these pre-tax benefits, individuals can make proactive choices for their health without the financial burden, making it easier to prioritize wellness and manage chronic conditions effectively.


Health Tech

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