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1MD Nutrition

Using your HSA/FSA

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Why is 1MD Nutrition eligible?

1MD Nutrition offers a range of physician-formulated supplements designed to address and manage chronic health conditions. Their products, such as Complete Probiotics Platinum and MoveMD, are created using clinically studied ingredients to support digestive health and joint mobility. By providing high-quality, scientifically backed supplements, 1MD Nutrition aims to improve various bodily functions, aiding in the prevention and reversal of conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis.


Specifically, 1MD Nutrition's Advanced Turmeric Curcumin X285 utilizes a patented form of curcumin, which significantly enhances absorption and effectiveness. This product is crafted to reduce inflammation, a key factor in many chronic illnesses, and support overall joint and muscle health. Meanwhile, their CardioFitMD is formulated to support cardiovascular health, focusing on improving circulation, reducing cholesterol levels, and enhancing heart function through a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and plant-based nutrients.


To make these health-supporting supplements more accessible, 1MD Nutrition has partnered with Truemed, enabling customers to purchase their products using HSA/FSA funds. Qualified customers can leverage their pre-tax dollars to invest in 1MD Nutrition's scientifically designed supplements, thanks to a streamlined process that includes obtaining a Letter of Medical Necessity from independently licensed providers. This partnership not only helps reduce out-of-pocket expenses but also promotes proactive management of chronic conditions through high-quality supplementation.




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