It's My Leche

It's My Leche

Using your HSA/FSA

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Why is It's My Leche eligible?

It's My Leche offers an innovative solution for mothers seeking to preserve the quality and nutritional value of their breast milk. By utilizing advanced freeze-drying technology, It's My Leche transforms breast milk into a shelf-stable powder, maintaining its bioactive properties and nutrients for up to three years. This process not only extends the shelf life significantly but also provides numerous health benefits for babies. For instance, freeze-dried breast milk retains key nutrients and enzymes, which are crucial for a baby's growth and development. This makes it a practical and effective option for mothers who want to ensure their babies receive the best nutrition possible, potentially aiding in the prevention and management of chronic conditions in infants.


Moreover, It's My Leche's products are designed with convenience and flexibility in mind. Their freeze-dried breast milk is easy to store, occupies less space, and is travel-friendly, making it ideal for busy parents. The process also offers a solution for mothers with high-lipase breast milk, preserving the milk's quality without the need to scald it, which can degrade some beneficial components.


Qualified customers have the opportunity to save on their It's My Leche purchases through the use of Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), thanks to the company's partnership with TrueMed. This collaboration allows parents to utilize their HSA/FSA funds to invest in It's My Leche's products, making this innovative solution more accessible and affordable.



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