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Why is Mimio Health eligible?

Mimio Health has developed a unique approach to wellness through their Biomimetic Technology, which is designed based on the body's natural response to fasting. Their product is the result of seven years of clinical research, aiming to harness the benefits of fasting without the need to fast. The research demonstrated that a 36-hour fast elevates bioactive metabolites that activate cellular health and longevity benefits. Mimio's daily dose incorporates these fasting metabolites to promote the body's fasting and longevity pathways​​.


Mimio's technology activates the body's cellular mechanisms for cleaning, repair, and protection. It supports autophagy, the body's cellular clean-up and recycling system, thus reducing cellular waste and optimizing cell function. This includes regulating pathways like mTOR, AKT, and promoting AMPK and SIRTs. Additionally, Mimio aids in cell repair by replacing old or damaged cell components, like mitochondria, with new functional ones, optimizing cellular metabolism and energy efficiency​​​​​​.


Furthermore, Mimio helps protect cells by reducing stress and maintaining stability, increasing resilience to DNA damage, free radicals, and inflammation. The ingredients in Mimio regulate various cellular pathways and promote elements crucial for healthy mitochondrial function. Overall, Mimio's formulation has been shown to extend the lifespan of model organisms significantly and maintains cellular longevity by regulating key cellular processes and promoting autophagy, among other benefits​​.


For customers using Truemed, purchasing Mimio Health products can be more affordable. Eligible purchases can be reimbursed with HSA/FSA dollars, potentially leading to savings of around 30%. This makes Mimio Health's innovative approach to cellular health more accessible, especially for those using HSA/FSA accounts to manage their health and wellness needs.



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