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If you are purchasing a single order: check out as a guest (not Shop Pay) and choose Truemed as the payment option and enter your HSA/FSA card [Note: You must select the Truemed payment option. If appropriate, a licensed provider will issue a required Letter of Medical Necessity after payment].



If you are purchasing a subscription: fill out this survey to qualify for reimbursement on future orders.

Why is THE FULLEST eligible?

THE FULLEST is more than just a health and wellness brand—it's a lifestyle revolution. Rooted in the belief that true wellness comes from a harmonious blend of mind, body, and spirit, THE FULLEST offers a range of products designed to nourish you from the inside out. From organic supplements to skincare infused with natural botanicals, every product is thoughtfully crafted to support your holistic well-being.


At the heart of THE FULLEST's philosophy is the idea that prevention is key to long-term health. Their products are meticulously curated to provide essential nutrients and antioxidants that can help fend off the effects of chronic conditions. Whether you're looking to boost your immunity, improve your digestion, or enhance your mental clarity, THE FULLEST has you covered with products that are as effective as they are indulgent.


THE FULLEST is committed to making wellness accessible to all. Through its partnership with Truemed, it offers its products as eligible purchases with HSA/FSA funds, empowering you to invest in your health without breaking the bank. So, why wait? Embrace THE FULLEST lifestyle today and discover a new, healthier you.



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