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How it works

Pre-tax dollars

A Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) lets you set aside and spend money before income taxes—but options are limited.

Letter of Medical Necessity

Truemed connects customers with a medical practitioner to determine what products or services may treat, mitigate, or prevent certain health conditions.

Unlocked spending!

With a Letter of Medical Necessity, specific purchases can be paid for with or reimbursed from HSA/FSA money, saving an average of 33%!

How to purchase with HSA/FSA


How to pay with HSA/FSA


Choose “Truemed - Pay with HSA/FSA” during checkout

Paying with your HSA/FSA card is only an option for one-time purchases, not subscriptions.


Health assessment

Privately share your medical conditions and wellness goals with a licensed provider. A provider will review your answers to determine eligibility


Enter payment info

You may choose to pay directly from your HSA/FSA or use your credit card and follow instructions to submit the purchase for reimbursement after checkout.