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Why is Brainbit eligible?

BrainBit, through its innovative Smart EEG Headband, offers a groundbreaking approach to monitoring and understanding brain activity, which has significant implications for preventing and managing chronic diseases. This headband, designed for easy and comfortable daily use, utilizes medical-grade biosensors to provide reliable insights into brain activity. It is a product of expert engineering by a team with over 25 years of experience in medical equipment​​.


Technologically advanced, the BrainBit headband features four EEG channels, noise cancellation, a 12-hour active battery, and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for the transmission of EEG signals to connected devices. It follows the international 10 – 20 electrode placement protocol, ensuring high-fidelity signals from key brain regions. This precise monitoring of brain waves can be instrumental in understanding and managing conditions related to brain activity​​.


Furthermore, the BrainBit headband is adaptable for various uses, including wellness, mindfulness, and sleep analysis. Its data can be analyzed for neurofeedback during meditation or sleep, aiding in the identification of optimal conditions for mental and physical health. These capabilities are crucial in managing stress and improving sleep patterns, both of which are vital in preventing and managing chronic diseases​​.


With TrueMed, qualified customers can reimburse their membership with HSA/FSA dollars. This translates to an average saving of 30%. For those with HSA/FSA accounts, TrueMed ensures the largest possible discount, making BrainBit's technology more accessible and affordable in managing and preventing chronic conditions.


Health Tech

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